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DataDots are tiny microscopic discs (microdots), that contain unique information that's linked to your property and you. As small as a grain of sand, DataDots are recognised as being one of the most effective ways of preventing theft, and play a crucial role in the recovery and return of stolen goods.

The unique etched code on the DataDot is stored on a worldwide verification database, DataBaseDNA. DataDots are tiny microscopic discs (microdots), that contain unique information that's linked to your property and you.

DataDots are applied by spray can to any item that requires "proof of ownership."  These microdots are engraved with a unique number that identifies YOU as the owner.   Its really simple to apply.  There are several sized kits available.

The dots are sprayed onto any item of value and attach in an ultraviolet sensitive clear liquid.  This liquid then dries hard.  You can see DataDots with your eye and view where they have been sprayed using  an ultraviolet light.

DataDots are easily read with a 30X magnifying glass and the Police can quickly establish a DataDot encoded item.

How Do DataDots Work?

By marking property with multiple DataDots in covert and overt areas, preferably on non abrasive surfaces which will not upset the product  ascetics.   The dots are sprayed onto items using a special spray can.

A thief is unlikely to steal an item they know to be coded with DataDots.  We provide DataDot stickers to place near your items or at your door.

If a marked item is stolen, its easy to establish proof of ownership by looking for the DataDots.

How big is a DataDot?

About half the size of a Full Stop (.) on this page!

What size kit do I require?

We have have kits available for the home, car, motorcycle, boat and business.  The DataDot code can be transferred to a new owner at the time of change of ownership.

How are DataDots applied to an item?

DataDots are tiny micro engraved discs that are suspended in a clear drying adhesive and appear almost invisible to the naked eye, especially when  applied to dark surfaces.

A UV trace in the adhesive makes it easy to detect the presence of DataDots .

They are applied to any item by a cotton bud stick or by spray can. The solution dries into an hard invisible coating with the DataDots held securely in position.


What can DataDots be applied to?

The answer is almost anything. 

Examples include:

  • Trees, Shrubs & Plants
  • Machinery & Tools
  • Books and Commercial Documents
  • Cars, Bikes, Boats and Engines
  • Household Property
  • Jewelry
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Office Equipment

WorldWide DataBase:

DataBaseDNA is a global database for law enforcement agencies and insurance investigators that compiles all registered asset information from our various regional databases to one central database.

DataBaseDNA would allow an auto theft investigator in Poland to check the identity of a vehicle that was stolen in Germany - without having to know the origin of the vehicle in order to access the correct database. DataBaseDNA is evolving to be the core supplier of data to authenticate ownership of assets under question and will become a significant contributor to the thwarting of international theft involving motor vehicles, motor cycles, marine, heavy equipment and other high-value assets.


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