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We have been marketing DataDots in Australia since 2002.

Some DataDot product testimonials are below.


DataDot Testimonials

The Palm Bay Police Department strongly encourages the use of the DataDot products and supports the efforts of everyone, from citizens, businesses, pawn and secondhand dealers, and the automotive industry to employ DataDot Technology to deter and detect crime.
Chief William B. Berger
Palm Bay Police Department - USA

DataDotDNA technology and the accompanying signage are a powerful combination in crime reduction. DataDotDNA makes it easier for the police to identify the rightful owner and the signage communicates to would-be thieves…you will have issues trying to sell this, go steal something else!
Peter Price OAM
Crime Stoppers Australia / International

This unique concept could very well revolutionize the processes for recovering stolen property and enhance the opportunities for theft deterrence. We support this concept and many others that provide effective tools that positively impact what we and law enforcement face on a daily basis.
Robert M. Bryant
President and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau - USA

We at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recognize and support the use of all anti-theft and theft-deterrent devices that provide unique and economical ways in which the public can protect its personal property from theft. One such product new to the market allows the personal marking of items from antiques to auto, trucks and boats. The DataDot™ product is one of many new products the NICB believes will assist the public with theft prevention, but will also assist NICB, insurers and law enforcement in the recovery process of all sorts of stolen property, ultimately reducing insurance costs associated with theft.
James S. Spiller
Executive Vice President, COO & CIO, NICB - USA

The Washington State Patrol is very excited about any product or technology that will assist us in reducing auto theft. Like other anti-theft products available to consumers, we support the use of DataDots as a method of theft deterrence.
Lt. Jeff DeVere
Washington State Patrol - USA

Police promote parts marking in all its forms and of course this one (DataDots) is a spray, so there is very little of the vehicle that the spray will not reach.
David Ryan
Head of Stolen Vehicles Squad Metropolitan Police (London)

DataDots can be applied to virtually any vehicle component. They make it extremely difficult for thieves to change the identity of stolen vehicles or use parts from another vehicle, or multiple vehicles, to "re-birth" a vehicle. It represents a significant commitment to the very latest in anti-theft technology and demonstrates our intention to adopt the best ways of deterring thieves.
Nick Senior
General Manager Subaru Australia

There is very strong evidence that since September 2001 marked vehicles (with DataDots) in both the BMW and HSV (GM) ranges have been stolen unrecovered at significantly lesser rates (indicative of 60% for BMW and 73% /HSV) than unmarked vehicles (of the same make and models) were at relatively the same age. Police report that they are being told by offenders that post 2001 HSV's (GM/Holden based performance vehicles) are now too hot to handle because of their microdot DNA marking.
Ray Carroll
Executive Director National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council - Australia



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