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DataDots come in a variety of kits suitable for many specific applications. 

You can apply car DataDots to a boat or home DataDots to a computer.... they are all the same microdot product.  What is different is the number of dots contained in the pressure pack and the types of stickers that are also supplied.

The DataDots have their own ID number which is registred on a central databank and accessibly by the police.  Alternatively you can create your own custom DataDots (maximum of 15 characters per line for two lines).

The contents of each retail package are:

Special Spray Pack
DataDots Canister

Click on the links below.  Ordering is easy.  The system will generate a Tax Invoice for you. Most orders ship within 2 working days and ship by road courier.

Motor Cycle Data Dots Spray
Price AUD: $199.00 More Info  
Marine Data Dots Spray Pack
Price AUD: $220.00 More Info  
Business Data Dot Spray Pack
Price AUD: $375.00 More Info  
Home Data Dot Spray Pack
Price AUD: $99.00 More Info  
Portable Magnifying Glass
Price AUD: $40.00 More Info  
Portable 240 volt UV Fluro Tube
Price AUD: $60.00 More Info  
Portable Hand Held UV Llight
Price AUD: $45.00 More Info  
Register Your Data Dots
More Info
Car Data Dot Spray Pack
Price AUD: $199.00 More Info  
Custom Coded Data Dot Spray Pack
Price AUD: from $110.00 More Info  
Bicycle DataDots
Price AUD: $0.00 More Info  
Plant & Equipment DataDots
Price AUD: $0.00 More Info  
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