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DataDot Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is
A. is an authorised distributor of DataDots since 2002.  The business is owned by Scott Fuller Pty Ltd, a family owned trading business for over 50 years with interests in security, freight and product distribution.  The owner of the business is Scott Fuller.

Q: How are DataDots applied?
A: DataDots can be applied through an aerosol spray or brushed on with an applicator, depending on the item to be marked and the DataDot kit that is used. Full application instructions can be downloaded from the application section of the site.

Q: What can I apply DataDots to?
A: Virtually any item of value. This includes larger items such as cars, boats and motorcycles down to cameras, MP3 players and PDAs.

Q: What should I not apply DataDots to?
A: Do not apply to any item or areas on an item that will be subject to extremes of heat, abrasion or constant rubbing, animals or livestock.

Q: Can the DataDots be removed?
A: While the adhesive is still wet the DataDots can be removed with a water dampened cloth. Once the adhesive is dry and hardened they can only be removed by abrasive measures e.g., sanding, acid etc. Due to this and the volume of DataDots applied to an item, theft of a DataDotDNA protected item is not a desirable option for thieves.

Q: How well do DataDots last once applied to an item?
A: DataDots have been subject to endurance testing and have been found to be resistant to heat, cold, humidity, common chemicals and salt mist.

Q: When I buy a vehicle or other asset that has DataDotDNA, do I have to advise anyone that I am the new owner?
A: Normally not. In most regions the DataDotDNA either carries a primary identifier (Vehicle Identification Number, or serial number, etc.) or a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Where a PIN is used, this is normally registered on our database together with the assetís primary identification number. This is all the police need to establish who owns (or owned) the asset.

Q: How are DataDots read by Police?
A: Our company supplies police (on request) with magnifiers to read the identifier that is coded on each DataDot. Some police also use black lights that cause the UV trace in the DataDot adhesive to glow which assists in locating the DataDots.

Q: Why is registering my DataDots so important?
A: Registering your DataDots provides the link between the item and you as the owner. In the event of theft, Police can read the unique code on the DataDot, and go to DataDotís website and link that number to you. It is simple and quick to register and can be done online, by fax or by mail.

Q: Who has access to my registration information?
A: Police and insurers have access to this information via a secure password protected site. They have access only to your DataDot PIN code and the identifier you registered against this only. Also refer to our privacy policy.

Q: What should I do in the event that a DataDotDNA protected item is stolen?
A: Firstly contact your local police and provide them with your DataDot PIN code. You will be provided with a police crime report reference number which you will need to provide to your insurer. Contact DataDot technology with these details and we will update your information on the DataDot register Ė the item will be recorded as stolen.

Q: Should I notify my insurer that I have marked my property with DataDotDNA?
A: Yes ; you may qualify for insurance discounts and incentives.

Q. What is the DataDot Database?
A. DataBaseDNA is a global database for law enforcement agencies and insurance investigators that compiles all registered asset information from our various regional databases to one central database.
DataBaseDNA would allow an auto theft investigator in Poland to check the identity of a vehicle that was stolen in Germany - without having to know the origin of the vehicle in order to access the correct database. DataBaseDNA is evolving to be the core supplier of data to authenticate ownership of assets under question and will become a significant contributor to the thwarting of international theft involving motor vehicles, motor cycles, marine, heavy equipment and other high-value assets.

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